Camberwell College of Arts is a unique place to study fine art, design or conservation. Meet our teaching staff, students and alumni who contribute to the college’s studio culture and strong sense of community.

Teaching Staff

Our students

  • Marta Barina - BA Photography
    Marta Barina - BA Photography

    Marta Barina

    Marta is a second year BA Drawing student at Camberwell

  • Chinoko Sakamoto - BA Sculpture
    Chinoko Sakamoto.

    Chinoko Sakamoto

    Chinoko is a second year BA Sculpture student at Camberwell

  • Josh Wright - BA Sculpture

    Josh Wright

    Josh Wright is a BA Sculpture second year student at Camberwell College of Arts

Our alumni

  • Nicole Morris - BA Painting
    Nicole Morris

    Nicole Morris

    Nicole graduated from Camberwell's BA Painting course in 2008

  • work-form - BA Graphic Design


    work-form is a design studio founded by Camberwell BA Graphic Design graduates Charlie Abbott, Jake Hopwood and Alex Hough

  • Jesse Wine - BA Sculpture

    Jesse Wine

    Jesse graduated from Camberwell's BA Sculpture course in 2007